Write news about the Haven Convention 2017 with Pastor Chris

Christ Embassy ministry is one of the religious ministry based in the US as well as other countries with the mission of raising the generation men and women who will have the opportunity of inheriting the kingdom of God. The work of the ministry has brought significant spiritual transformation in US despite numerous controversies that people have against the leader of the ministry. For instance, the issue of marriage have been drawing divided opinion among the leader of the ministry and other leaders. Recently, the leader of the mission launched the Haven nation that relayed more information on hope as well as revelations for the next movement of kingdom expansion. The divine Holy Spirit gave a specific order for the ministry to expand its tentacles and to strengthen their bids regarding the new season for development. The department holds the belief that God has extended his grace to all men to inherit the soon coming kingdom of God. Following the 2-day Haven convention, the president of the ministry Chris Oyakhilome fulfilled his obligation by setting most of his members to be psyched u for the increased capacity.

On the first day of the convention, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka dwelled much on the transformative experience where she reminded members of the work and calling bet wowed on them. Besides, she explained to members on the sustenance of their passion and relevance they have in the Kingdom of God. In her talk, she pinpointed the statement from the scripture in Psalms 33:12 to show that the Haven convention is recorded in the scriptures. Director of corporate affairs Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka was relying on information, which the president pastor Chris Oyakhilome was to expound on that day. Chris Oyakhilome led the convention through the plenary session that was much expected by most of the members that day. The president positioned and shed more light on the current time people are leaving in concerning the coming of the Son of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome urged his members that he is one of the most critical moments that men as well as women in the position of the authority to stop making decision and policies that distracts spread of the word of God. The pastor noted that the people in authority might have understood the power of God from the quality of creation and superiority in quality of human life.

Almighty God is the source of all luxuries that man can enjoy in the current world. However, a man is falling short its acquaintance to its greater by veering off the way of truth that would later land most of the in eternal hell. Christ embassy in its fullness commits all its resources in the launching of Haven nation to confirm to people that the Kingdom of God is real and quite nigh. The fact that makes this call unique is the current happening in the world where most people a growing less concern on the words of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the grace is abundant and free to people who will accept Jesus Christ their lives.

In conclusion, Christ embassy ministry launched this program to rejuvenate beliefs of people on God because the second return of God is soon. Besides, the convention highlights to members that the kingdom has been expanded to every person. Hence it is a time of strengthening their codes concerning the new expansion.