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You may experience pain in the lower back for several reasons and many people work at an office desk and exhibit poor posture, while others stand for long periods of time or lift heavy packages.Back pain is a common condition suffered by people all over the world. There are no definite causes that can trigger a lower back pain in people.On several occasions, it a symptom of a Spinal cord injury or disease. It’s not a disease or injury by itself.Whatever the case may be, lower back pain may stop you from leisure activities and chores that are essential to your living.

Most of the treatments of backaches tend to concentrate on providing some relief from the symptoms of the patients.If you get lower back pain often, there may be an answer for you.Such an increase in the pressure can be caused by sleeping in a wrong position, poor body posture, lifting a heavy weight, etc. Apart from these triggering factors, infections in the spinal area, deformities in the spinal discs, natural degeneration of the spinal discs due to aging or tumor can also cause back pain. While it is a general belief that it is people over the age of 40 who are more at risk of developing lower back pain, this condition has been commonly reported even in those way below this age group, like in their 30s or even 20s.Usually, the pain originates as a result of microscopic tears that happen in the mentioned areas because of over stretching, which is an inevitable effect of overuse, improper use and trauma of the lower back.

To eliminate a Lower back pain, try maintaining a proper body posture while standing, sitting, walking and lifting heavy objects.Yoga will increase the flexibility of the body and provide strength to the weak muscles of the lower back area and acupuncture is also quite effective in providing relief from back pain symptoms.To enhance your lower back, you can do yoga exercise. There are many options for your budget and time concerns and a simple yoga session may only take 20 minutes, three to four times a week.It may also be worthwhile to ask your employer for help with your lower back pain.

After initial consultation with the doctor, these treatments can be continued with ease at home and as has been the popular belief for ages, it is really not necessary to spend a long time at bed rest as an attempt to cure lower back pain.Self treatment to any form of pain in the back is not recommended.You should speak to upper management or your human resources department to see if there are options available for employees of your company.Remember, lower back pain doesn’t just interfere with your job, but also your personal life.Many people suffer from lower back pain and miss work or stop leisure activities as a result and if you suffer from back pain, yoga exercises and stretches may help alleviate the pain or even get rid of the problem for good.

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