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What You Need to Know About Post-Abortion Care
Many women today have been involved in procuring an abortion, whether by choice or by compulsion from someone else.It usually is very risky for women when an abortion occurs either spontaneously or in unsafe circumstances.One may need time and support for them to recover from the physical and emotional anguish suffered as a result of abortion.Appropriate care and support will ensure the woman regains her strength to go back to her normal life.Women now have a wide range of facilities that offer post-abortion care to choose from. But it requires you to carefully consider their services before making a choice of which one to approach.Here are some of the basic elements you need to check before choosing a post-abortion care facility.
Treatment Services
Physical pain experienced after abortion is usually addressed by administration of drugs.Pain usually accompanies the unsafe abortions conducted by quack doctors and nurses.Treatment services should, therefore, be provided in a post-abortion care facility.
Provision of Counseling Services
Abortion may also have an emotional and psychological impact on the patient.Worry, anxiety, stress, and depression may result as one struggles to come to terms with what has just happened.Change of lifestyle may be inevitable in the case where the aborted pregnancy was at an advanced stage.The process of recovery can therefore be started once appropriate counseling services are offered.A woman will become confident enough to face life if she is offered proper counseling services.Proper choices regarding important things such as contraceptives will thus be arrived at as a result of this.
Provision of Family Planning Services
Providing contraceptive information will help a woman plan her family by spacing births to the desired duration.Choosing the correct contraception method for those who wish never to give birth again also requires being informed.It is important therefore that any facility providing post-abortion care include this service in their programs.
Provision of Reproductive Health Services
The quality of life for women who have undergone an abortion may also be improved if they have access to information regarding nutrition, reproductive hygiene as well as treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.
Community Based Services
You cannot exist by yourself apart from society.Use of the community-based approach may be effective in ensuring that some of these elements actually work.
Mobilizing members of a community to help minimize unsafe abortions through the provision of health education has been seen to actually work in that regard.Using this approach by a care facility for its clients will render it effective in helping them to recover as fast as possible.
For you to sufficiently gauge the efficiency of a post abortion care facility to serve its purpose, you have to consider the elements discussed above.Your choice of a care facility will thus have to be made after a careful consideration of this.

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