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Ami Shoyer: Learn the Art and Science of Healing and Administering Essential Oils

Most people shopping for essential oils just know how to remove caps and sniff to inhale the relaxing scent. There are hundreds of plant-based chemicals or phytochemicals present in essential oils, giving a characteristic smell and healing abilities. The phytochemicals present in essential oils include aldehydes, terpenes, phenols, ketones, and a lot more. For instance, lavender essential oil has ketones to stimulate cell regeneration, liquefy mucous, and calm the body. Aldehydes that are found in citronella oil and lemongrass essential oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Sandalwood, cedarwood, and chamomile have sesquiterpenes are known to reverse inflammation and to increase brain oxygenation. It is best to buy essential oils that are organically grown, using a natural distillation process without using chemicals on the extraction process. When it comes to essential oil application, they can be administered via steam bowl inhalation, hand-inhalation, car diffusion, essential oil body massage, salt bowl inhalation, ultrasonic diffusion, oil bath, bottle-inhalation, teracotta pendant inhalation, and perfume. When using a bottle to inhale the essential oil, be sure it is at the heart level and breath the aroma deeply, allowing the molecules or vapor to go deeper into the lungs. For hand-inhalation, you can apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your palm, rub to activate the active ingredients, and then cup over your nose and mouth. Another unique way of gaining the benefits of essential oils is putting a drop of oil in your terracotta pendant, giving you a refreshing smell as you move through your day. Epsom salt can reduce the rate of evaporation of essential oil so you can use it as a medium to diffuse the scent in your room at bedtime.

Steam bowl inhalation allows quick vaporization of oil that is absorbed easily into the respiratory system, and you can do this by applying a few drops of our chosen essential oil in a bowl of steaming water, and placing a towel over your head so you can breathe deeply over the steaming bowl. Never heat an essential oil because heat destroys the phytochemicals, thus decreasing its therapeutic value. Ultrasonic essential oil diffusing acts as a humidifier to create a fine mist and it is released into the air. A great smelling car can be enjoyed using a diffuser, or you can apply a few drops of essential oil in a cotton ball, then stick it in your car air vent. Essential oil body massage is very effective if done professionally, and they can be combined with natural carrier oils such as coconut oil or olive oil.

For more information about the use of essential oils, Ami Shoyer can help you out. Ami Shoyer is a trusted, reputable and most sought speaker when it comes to health and wellness, so come and check her homepage or website today!
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