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Orthodox Church Supplies
There are some things that are primarily put into consideration when setting up a church or renovating an old church. There is nothing comfortable about shopping for church supplies until one finds the right suppliers. The most important points to consider when looking for church supplies are a fair price for products and services and saving time when searching for the right supplier. The variance in the choice of supplies for a church is based on the difference in their profiles.

Church provisions are diverse; they include furniture and worship items. Among the furniture a church will need, the common ones are; aumbries and oil cabinets, altars, baptismal fonts, communion rails, chairs, hymn boards, pews, lecterns and pulpits, prie dieux (kneelers) and tables. There are many shops that stock church provisions, some of them are online too.

Many churches find the need to have liturgical books. They include; books of blessings, books of the gospel, books of rites, lectionaries, prayer books, record books, catechisms, liturgy of the hour, sacramentaries and other sacramental supplies. Not all liturgical books are found at a Christian bookshop.

Communion bread, communion ware, clergy apparel, choir and pulpit robes, incense burner and boat, cremation urns, flags, urns, tanks, sprinklers, flagons, cruets and holy water items are additional supplies that churches need. There are organizations whose job is to make some of the things mentioned and to distribute them to churches.
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Orthodox icons are found in Orthodox churches. They are paintings, frescoes, and mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Holy mother, saints and angels. They represent sacred individuals from the past and their journey and date as back as the Byzantine Empire. The paintings were made by theologians and artists of the ancient times. The background in Orthodox icons have outstanding colors are golden backgrounds. Their unique feature is that they seem to be floating. Everything in the paintings is symbolic and holds significant meaning to the church. People think of them as avenues to heaven, and they pray to them to create that connection.
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Orthodox icons are utilized in the interior design of the Orthodox church. They are duplicated and exhibited in the church for people to utilize them. The replicas of the Orthodox icons are done on metal, wood, fabric, and paper. In Russian Orthodox churches they are painted on wood or table tops.

Church representatives have control over the supplies needed. They make a list of the church’s requirements and place orders through the respective channels. Church essentials are used either daily, weekly or monthly. The specific items required for exceptional church services are bought ahead of the day when they are needed.