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Examples of Today’s Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area in computer science that involves the development of machines that are capable of performing tasks which would normally need the human intelligence. From a previous task, the machines can be able to perform a similar task due to the experience, they are also fed with large quantities of data from which they recognize patterns and therefore come up with more results. Such tasks that the machines are expected to perform are to recognize speech, visual perception, decision-making, reasoning, and problem solving among others.

Such technology is finding wide applications in almost every industry hence the popularity and huge impact. One of the visible examples of such technologies is robots which are taking up human roles which are dangerous for a person to perform such as bomb disconnection. This is a positive impact since such duties can endanger the life of the person performing the task and hence assigning it to a robot protects a life. Some people already are making use of this artificial intelligence in their daily lives such as seeking virtual assistance from apps that are built in tHis technology such as voice recognition apps that you can tap a microphone, ask a question or instruct it and you get results. More developments on such apps are ongoing and the anticipated is the ability of such a virtual assistant to understand the user in such a way that it recognizes the user’s needs hence customize.

One of the common application of artificial intelligence is the verification of transactions in an attempt to detect fraud whereby an email or message is sent to the contact details of the account holder to confirm if they have made such a transaction. A common application of artificial intelligence in a normal day is detection of email hacking and other accounts too and therefore verification is required for you to proceed with your login attempts. The application of artificial intelligence in such daily activities has been fruitful in data protection and also prevention of fraud activities which would otherwise cost a lot. The computers are able to perform such tasks after being fed with a lot of data and examples of fraud activities and non fraud activities from which the machine learns how to classify an activity into either a fraud or a true activity. The automotive industry has embraced this technology if artificial intelligence whereby it is possible to create cars that don’t need a driver for them to be on the road.

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