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Various Types of Rods and Reels for Fishing When buying fishing reels and rods, it is important to have information about the different types that are available in the market. We discuss the different types of rods and reels that are available for you. The three variations of reels Spin-cast reel is one the various types of reels, and it is also known as closed-face reel. It is the best type of reel for the one starting out and it is also the less costly one. The reel is weak and will be damaged soon if you will be catching large fish. The push button that comes with some of the reels makes them easy to use. An enclosed nosecone help to keep the line strong and steady. This type of reel is used by fishers and kids who want to catch light-weighted fish. Another reel is referred as the spinning reel or the open-face reel. When small baits such as lures, minnows or worms are to be used, this type of reel is the best one. For this kind, you will take more time to learn how to use it.
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This type of reel is not the best for beginners, as there is high probability of the line rotating and also, it is more costly.
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The third type of reel is called the bait casting reel used by experts to catch big fish. This type of reel requires a heavier bait than those used in other reels. It is the most expensive reel and the hardest to learn and use. The spinning and the spin cast reels are readily available in most shops, but the bait casting reel is most of the time found in more developed outlets. Mostly, fishing rods and reels are usually sold as a pair, but you can purchase a single piece. Rods differ in length, and this depends on the type of the reel it will be used together with. Types of fishing rods The first one is used together with the bait casting reel and is known as bait casting rod. This type of rod is required to be a bit stiff otherwise it will tangle when a huge fish is caught. Long bait casting rods are best suited for use in deep sea and waters with some obstacles. The spinning reel rod is the other kind. This is one bends easily than the other types of reels.It is mostly used in sky fishing. The third type of rod is called the spin-cast rod which is attached to the spin-cast reel. This is the best for beginners since it is easy to master how to use it. Various rods and reels exist in the market. Each kind of reel or rod has various areas where it best fits. You are now the one to decide which one to choose.