How to Give Him Space So He’ll Love You More

Rarely are romantic relationships perfect from start to finish. It’s perfectly normal to have ups and downs. Knowing how to react when things aren’t going well can help a woman keep her man for the long-term. Whether her goal is to get married and live happily ever after or to stay together as long as the relationship is thriving, women are sure to hear their men ask for space at some point in their relationships. When this happens, it’s important not to panic. Asking for space isn’t necessarily the same thing as asking to see other people or canceling long-term plans.

Men who ask for space tend to do so to relax because their relationship is too intense. Women who don’t know how to give him space risk losing him altogether. The most important things to remember are to avoid contacting him and allowing him to initiate contact when he is ready. If he is in love, he’ll call or text his girlfriend within a couple of days. Instead of being worried about what he’s doing without her, a woman should focus on changing her mindset. Healthy relationships do not make people happy. Happy people are involved in healthy relationships. Without her man by her side for a few days or even a few weeks, women in this position should be taking part in things they enjoy by themselves. If they don’t have any hobbies, this is a great time to get some.

Couples who enjoy things separately have more fun when they are together. They also have more interesting things to talk about because they are more interesting people. Instead of relying on each other for happiness, they make their own happiness. They each feel secure so they don’t have to be together around the clock, and neither of them worries the other is cheating on them when they are apart because they show their love to each other when they are together. Emotionally healthy men want to be in this kind of relationship and, if they can’t get these things with one woman, they’ll look for them in another.