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How to Search the Ideal Paper Shredder for Your Home

People are now very vigilant when it comes to their personal information and even go lengths to keep their confidential secure such as getting a home paper shredder. Therefore, thousands of different paper shredders are now available in every market which makes it confusing for people to know which one is the best. So how do you search the ideal paper shredder for your home?

Choosing Between Manual and Automatic Paper Shredders

It is easier to use the manual paper shredders. Feeding the paper to the shredder is all you will be doing. There is a handle you have to operate for the shredder to start running which could be tiring once you got a lot of paper.
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It is also possible to shred CDs and credit cards if you find the right shredder.
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On the other hand, automatic paper shredders are popular since they are capable of doing more advanced operations. Meanwhile, instead of a handle, sensor is installed to control the operation of the home paper shredders from start to finish.

One common issue of paper shredders is paper jam and this is detected through light and sound indicators and an option to clean the jam is also available.

Shredder Capacity

Every home paper shredder has a specific capacity range and it would be ideal to look for a shredder that can easily handle your daily needs. You can choose between home paper shredders with handling capacity of 500 pages or 1000 pages.

Even if you are at home, if you still shred at least 1000 pages regularly, you can consider a more capable office shredder. However, if it is way lower than that, a regular home paper shredder is enough for your needs.

Security Levels

You are shredding paper for security reasons so you have to determine the size of the shredded paper that is acceptable. For sensitive documents do not settle for strips larger than a quarter inch or you might compromise the information.

If it is not enough for you, you can choose more sophisticated home paper shredders that produce 1/8 inch of shredded strips.

Speed of operation

Powerful motors will make the home paper shredders process documents a lot faster and paper jam is not a common issue with these powerful paper shredders. High powered home paper shredders are truly attractive due to its numerous advantages.

Storage for Shredded Papers

You need to determine the waste storage if you want to find the best home paper shredder. The process of replacing the waste bag is not the same even if the wastebasket is a bin or bag.

You will see different types and brands of home paper shredders in your local market. You need to carefully consider each available home paper shredders so you can choose the right one for you. Just consider the different things above to make it easier for you.