5 Signs to Look for in a Healthy Sex Life

If you are an adult, then the importance of a healthy sex life is quite immense. The quality time you are spending in between the sheets can have a profound impact on both your psychological and physical wellbeing. So, how do you know that your sex life is actually healthy? It can be tricky because this is something that means different things to different people, but here are five signs that are usually seen in couples who have a truly healthy sex life.

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Feeling Comfortable with the Body that You Have

Studies have shown that irrespective of age, people with the healthiest sex lives are also the ones who are the most comfortable with their body. This was found to be particularly true in the case of women, but this is also applicable to a degree if you are a man. Apparently, when people have less to worry about how they look without their clothes on, they are able to concentrate on the action more, which makes for happier and healthier personal lives. As fit people, in general, are more comfortable with their body, they also, therefore, have a higher chance of leading a healthy sex life as well.

Communication of Needs is Not a Problem

Preferences differ widely, depending on the couple concerned, so the communication of those needs between partners is very important, and if that’s there, it’s a sign of a healthy sexual relationship. Inhibitive communication in a couple’s personal life is a recipe for sexual dissatisfaction down the line and may lead to other more complicated problems such as the complete loss of will to engage in sexual activities.

You Look Forward to It

This one is particularly true in case of women, but it definitely applies to men as well. If you find yourself looking forward to an evening of romance in the bedroom with your partner on most days, it’s a very healthy sign. For couples who have been together for a while, sex may slowly become more of an obligation than a real need or a rewarding experience, and that’s a sign that you need to spice things up a bit to reignite the spark.

You Spice Things Up

After a while, lovemaking can get monotonous and that mundaneness is often an indication of a declining attraction. This is why couples with healthy sex lives often spice things up through roleplay, cosplay, sex toys, and anything else that appeals to them. Using sex toys for married couples is often recommended by marriage counselors and therapists because it basically adds a new experience to the mix, therefore, rekindling the old passion by eliminating the boredom.

You Don’t Feel Alone

Now, feelings of loneliness can be brought on by a variety of things such as depression, loss of a dear one, the surroundings you live in, etc. However, as good sex releases the happy hormones in abundance, it automatically alleviates depression and loneliness. While it’s certainly not a cure for a medical condition, if you have stopped feeling lonely after meeting someone, it is a sign that the lovemaking is good for you.

Do make a note of how many of these you could tick off and if there’s anything missing, act on it, even if everything else seems to be in order. Just like most other things that impact our lives, we seldom realize how an unhealthy sex life is affecting the relationship and our own personal lives until it’s already too late.